L'Oréal Wingman

Product-Service Ecosystem that offers millennials an honest and reliable support

Branding Strategy | Service Design | User Experience



L'Oréal Paris




Create a complete consumer experience that will enable L'Oréal Men Expert to recruit millennials through a new product and breakthrough service that leverage digital solutions and connected technologies.



L'Oréal Brandstorm Competition | Feb. 2017 - Mar. 2017

Team Members: Vinda Hardikurnia, Yee Jek Khaw, Sen Lin



We created a ecosystem that provides both product and digital service for urban male millennials which aims at helping them keep fit, fresh and stylish while also enhances the L'Oréal's brand personalities as Fit, Cool and Sharp.


Market analysis

Men grooming market


Branding Solution

Wingman Product-service ecosystem

Skincare Product


Subscription | Digital Portal

Brand Service Map



Senztech Analysis | Skincare ADVISER at your fingertips

Disposable microchip sensor patch that arrives with the monthly subscription box. It maps pore size, hydration, oil content and discoloration to provide timely skin care advice and tailor product selection for user through the mobile application.


 Pocket Solutions | Quick energizing and repair solutions that fit the urban lifestyle

Anti-fatigue and After-shave formula repackaged as wipes for on-the-go use. It offers portability and ease of use for the fast-paced urban male.


Digital portal

WINGPORTAL | Browse into men products through your own portal & Get personal notification