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It is common sense that sleeping directly influences a person’s physical and mental health. As an absolute-personal period, sleeping also brings about kind of social impact creating separation of a person and his/her social context. Following that metaphor, the process of falling asleep and waking up actually plays a role of "Transitional Zone" mentioned by Kenya Hara, which connects the transition from individual immersion to social collection.

Bifrost is a wake-sleep aids suit, which consists of a gradient light, a radio speaker and an aromatic diffuser. Functions are separated into single products instead of integration for better simplicity and flexibility aligned with their clean forms. Providing multi-sensorial experience with light, sound and odour, it aims to smooth the gradient from dormancy (individual immersion) to soberness (social collection). And that lies the experience vision: gently invite people to sleep and wake up.  

[ Personal Project ]


Press: Yanko Design, KUKBUK, Innovation for Health 2018 Conference

Awards: 2016 Shanghai Outstanding Graduation Design, 2016 ECUST Excellent Graduation Design

Exhibition: 2016 Shanghai Outstanding Graduation Design, Design Expo Innovation for Health 2018

No one can stop the sun from going down
But I will see you at the break of dawn

Exhibition at Design Expo Innovation for Health, Rotterdam, the Netherlands, 2018