Hinting Civic Futures

a call for cityness in the future smart age

Critical Research | Design in Future | Service Design | Speculative Design


An undergoing project, check here for progress: hintingcivicfutures.com

In future, how do you want to live in what kind of city?

While smart city becomes a future vision of city, lots of critiques have been made on its technologically deterministic character, focusing on the fact that it tends to focus on ICT solutions to be applied top-down. A key critique is that it fails to address the complexity and sociality of cities, and the vision of smart city is now somewhat biased towards technical and quantitative ways for solving urban issues and only judged by metrics like efficiency and cost reduction etc. If smart city is the answer, what is the problem? That is why I would like to question the beginning, the cityness of smart city.

The aim of this project is therefore to critically rethink the development of smart city, and create alternative versions of future city and service concepts as tools that not only allow insight into forces at play but help shape democratic, positive, preferable futures. Also it's a design practice to challenge the missing link between system and individuals, to which I am addicted.

The project is part of the PACT research program, and greatly inspired by the work of Dash Marshall.

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