Use of Dynagrams: Dynamic Diagrams to Create Person-Centered Models

Dynamic Business Modelling For E-Health Services

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As objects around us begin to collect data and make suggestions about what might be desirable, it is possible that they may even be able to design things that we could never think of. Thing­-Centered Design (TCD) is a new way of researching and designing ‘with’ things that looks into these possibilities. It looks at artefacts as co-performers of practice next to humans, and thus as potential co-researchers and co-designers in the design process.

Elisa Giaccardi who leads the Connected Everyday Lab is focusing on developing this novel design framework and methodology that helps designers move past the blind spots of human-centered design in a “more-than-human” world. For this project, I worked with Elisa and Iohanna Nicenboim on communicating the theory in an understandable and vivid way and developed this Thing-Centered Design Toolkit. The toolkit has been used in TCD Masterclass which I also assisted, and TCD online course both from TU Delft.

Currently the toolkit is still under development ;)

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