Inspiration Playground

Strategic Advice to Enhance Adidas Digital Design Transition

2017 / Strategic Design / Change Management


Project Process



Initial Problem

Designers at Adidas work with digital tools to realize their designs (e.g. Adobe CC and Microsoft Office 365). However, designers experience barriers to make optimal use of them (only offline functions) and are not willing to try out new tools.


Company Analysis

Process Map, Internal Context Analysis & Field Research

Customer Journey Mapping for Adidas Design Process

Customer Journey Mapping for Adidas Design Process

Field Research & Interview at Adidas Headquarter

Field Research & Interview at Adidas Headquarter


Interview with Different Stakeholders

“It’s important that designers have fun during the process"

Yash Mittal | Senior Project Manager, Adidas


“For Designers, the creativity is the only thing that matters,

we make sure we don’t limit the creative efficiency”

Christian Gradl | Senior Project Manager IT4D, Adidas

“The exploration phase is the most inspiring part of the process”

Carina Wagner | Color & Materials Designer, Adidas


“Design can be done anywhere, by anyone and at anytime”

Michael Gamöck | Manager, Strategic Relations, Adobe



“ Design is not a 9-5 job ”


Problem Definition

Problem size.jpg

The notion of creative efficiency resonates with Adidas. It is more than just speed, dexterity, competence and productivity. It is also about being innovative, visionary, original and free to create.

Design tools that maximize creative efficiency of designers also maximize the creative output. On top of the technical functionalities, we noted that the elements of fun, inspiration and intuitiveness were a recurring wish of designers when looking out for new tools. To map Adobe Creative Cloud and Microsoft 365's tools into the Adidas design process, we decided to head into that direction.

Therefore our vision lies on:


To empower Adidas designers to move quicker & design smarter by building them an inspiration playground



Strategic Solution

Our strategy is to curate, envision and communicate a set of new design tools from Adobe and Microsoft that addresses the unmet wishes of designers today. Selected Adobe Creative Cloud and Microsoft 365’s products from this package of design tools known as the Inspiration Playground. It aims to appeal to designers as an enhanced design process that can support their work more creatively and effectively. And with that, allow for an effective and efficient integration of these tools into the future Adidas design process.

Alignment and Messaging

Inspiration playground is a suite of new design tools based on current and future technology that will offer a different perspective to designing. These tools are set to transform current design process into a more fun, seamless, dynamic and inspiring journey.

A video with usage scenarios and several experience prototypes were made to convey our future-casting message to Adidas Creative Direction Team, Digital Creative Team for internal alignment facilitation. For designers, we want to give them a fresh "wow" with emerging technology.

Strategic Vision Map of Adidas Design Process

Strategic Vision Map of Adidas Design Process



Make it vivid, make it understandable

This strategy comes in 2 phases: Play 1.0 and Play 2.0. The tools featured in each of the phases are selected based on a balance of feasibility of technology, viability within Adidas design process as well as the desirability for designers. The phases are also staggered to provide for a gradual transition of technology as a change management strategy. Play 1.0 mainly focuses on incorporating newly released features from Adobe and Microsoft while Play 2.0 brings forth speculative technology.

For each phase, usage scenarios and prototypes of every design feature were made to communicate the strategic value.


View the brochure for more information.


Present at Adidas HQ, Germany

Designers, have fun