My Futures Manual

prepare for your future age




MyFutures is a research project (2016-2018) with the central question: how can we help people prepare for their future old age? The government asks citizens and authorities to organize it themselves. People find that difficult. In addition, people now also have much more old days than people used to.

The project is subsidized by NWO / STW with co-financing by the partners. Designers from Delft University of Technology and Design Academy Eindhoven worked together with design agencies (Department of Extraordinary Affairs, KoDieZijn, Muzus and STBY), care organizations (Vivent and ZuidZorg), insurers (Achmea and CZ), municipalities (Rotterdam and Eindhoven) and the Dutch Association Municipalities.

I was glad to join the project as an illustrator responsible for visualising the manual of My Futures toolkit, together with service design agency Muzus. The manual is used as instructions to facilitate family conversations about their collective futures, with a wide spread across the Netherlands.

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