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From August to November in 2017, I was working in NOMADS Amsterdam as a Creative Strategy Intern. During which I was involved in a strategic project of National Geographic on launching exploration centers Ultimate Explorers in China. Together with the service design team, we conducted secondary research and expert interviews, generated insights from structured analysis, built customer experience framework and initiated minimal viable experience design. The goal was to set up a sustainable market positioning and long-term strategy towards the future vision.

The project is now launched in China and you can check the website here.

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Aside from that, I was also working on a service design framework which is mainly to design an experience from a holistic perspective so that the team can have an overall control of different touch points in various channels. In order to get to this, user stories were composed over a period of journey which will be used in service design sprint for making out an MVP experience. After that, the acceptance criteria will be listed and then be categorised into briefs for different teams. The toolkit is therefore developed as an actionable tool based on the framework. You could download here for play :) Due to confidential consideration, the content of process is blurred.


GENERAL Research

It starts with a bunch of Market Analysis, Secondary Research (Context, User, General Experience) and Expert Interview to help the whole team understand the Chinese context thoroughly. We focused on analyzing Chinese parents’ attitude towards early education and its influence on children, as well as related market competition.

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Synthesis of interview

Synthesis of interview


Customer experience

The insights collected above fueled us in Persona Making and General Journey Mapping. We then built a Customer Experience Framework to connect business objectives and customer needs by providing a service overview. For implementation, the customer experience

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Service design Framework

Fluid Transformation from Research Insights to Design Briefs

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Workshop Testing



Actionable Tool for Holistic Service Choreography

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A reflection during the process is, we want to get all the details of each user story, while at the same time also make the briefs easy and understandable for the teams who will design or develop based on them. It is really a struggle to achieve both two aspects. Since the only method of knowledge is experiment, we conducted several workshops to test our framework and it is still under development till I finished my memorable internship.