Link the Dark

Design is used to be conducted under the Sun, where everything is visible: the ergonomics of a product, the pixel perfection of an interface or the value proposition of a service. While these are constrained by other invisible counterparts, alleged dark matters which, usually emerge from the organisational settings, the applied business models, the regime and policies of the regulatory context.

Having recognised this dim gap, Sen strives to align business strategy with systems, processes, organisations and experiences, linking the dark parts holistically to ensure later they would be wired with human-centeredness. It resembles considering the resilience among chair, interior, architecture, street and city.

For Sen, his ambition lies in exploring the dimension of being strategic by adventuring into ever new scopes. A day road paver, a night flower planter, practical yet poetic. He is now researching on next generations of future smart city under PACT project at Connect Everyday Lab.

Sen Lin is a Strategic Service Designer from Shanghai, based in China and the Netherlands.



Strategic Design, Design Research, Service Design, Branding, Speculative Design, Graphic Design



Urbanism, Smart City, Civic Media, Thing Ethics, Futurism, Design Methodology, Social Design



2017.08-2017.11 | Creative Strategic Designer | NOMADS Agency, Amsterdam

2016.03-2016.06 | Product Designer | Philips Lighting, Shanghai

2015.04-2015.09 | Graphic Designer | XD Design (Xindao), Shanghai

2014.09-2014.12 | Artist Assistant | Leo Xu Projects

2014.08 | Graphic Designer | Wutopia Lab



2016.08-2018.08 | MSc in Strategic Product Design, Delft University of Technology, the Netherlands

2012.09-2016.06 | B.A. in Industrial Design, East China University of Science and Technology, China



R&D Management Conference, Milan, Italy, 2018

Innovation for Health, Rotterdam, the Netherlands, 2018

 SIDeR, Delft, the Netherlands, 2017

Adidas Design Strategy Project, Herzogenaurach, Germany, 2017

Shanghai Outstanding Graduation Design, Shanghai, China, 2016



Full Scholarship of China Scholarship Council | 2016

Shanghai Outstanding Graduation Design | 2016

East China University of Science and Technology Outstanding Graduation Thesis (Design) | 2016